Dr. Angela Luk is a very experienced preschool educator. Over the past 60 years, she has dedicated her life and career to promoting quality preschool education.

Teaching through activities

Dr. Luk believes that children learn best through activities. She has designed a preschool curriculum based on children’s developmental needs, so that preschoolers would grow and learn in an interesting and fun filled environment.
In the early 1960s, Dr. Luk founded the first kindergarten that applied the concept of ‘teaching through activities’ in Hong Kong. Subsequently, she has established many famous kindergartens and nurseries in Hong Kong and China, providing a quality preschool education based on love and joyful learning.

Contributions to preschool education resources

Highly experienced in preschool teaching and administration, Dr. Luk is also very dedicated to research and has developed a comprehensive system for preschool education.
She values scientific research results, and is very knowledgeable about the characteristics of early brain development. She also cares deeply about the balanced development of the left and right brain in young children.

In traditional preschool education, areas like emotional education, music, arts and crafts and physical activities are often neglected. To rectify the situation, Dr. Luk has personally written, edited materials, and published educational picture books for preschoolers.
Based on her research, she has incorporated the best resources, findings from scientific research and teaching methods worldwide into her own preschool curriculum. Putting theory into practice, Dr. Luk constantly improves upon a solid foundation.

Publishing educational picture books

Dr. Luk has published quality, fun filled storybooks written in simple language. Since 1980, she has adopted the approach of ‘respecting how a young child grows and develops’ to design curricula, and has written nearly a thousand books. For her series of 10 picture storybooks written in 1990, they were awarded among the ‘Top Ten Series of Picture Storybooks’.

Creating quality music for young children

Dr. Luk has created quality music with beautiful melodies and lively rhythms, suited for cultivating and developing the music potential in young children. Children who grow up with sweet melodies will learn to appreciate music, love singing and expressing themselves.

Designing warm and loving parent-child activities

Dr. Luk has organized educational seminars and also designed various warm, loving parent-child activities on a regular basis. These include picnics, concerts, cooking, reading, games, etc. for both parents and children to join in. Through seminars, we could reach out to parents and enhance the co-operation between school and parents. Through participating in parent-child activities, parents would develop warm, and mutually trusting and loving feelings with their children. By understanding their children’s needs, families could work more effectively with schools to nurture children’s growth.

Multiple Intelligences

Dr. Luk has put into practice the theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner, the well-known psychology professor from the United States. Dr. Luk has incorporated elements of multiple intelligences when editing new materials, and adopted case studies and ideas from Reggio Emilia for everyday teaching activities, with highly effective results.
To fully understand the effects of such teaching methods, Dr. Luk has actively followed the progress of the students’ achievement through primary school, secondary school and university, making adjustments to the methodology after careful consideration.
In tirelessly dedicating to the practice of preschool education and upholding the spirit in seeking the truth, Dr. Luk has earned much admiration.

Founding many organizations for children's holistic development

Dr. Luk has done a lot for children in preschool education and through her writings. She has also established many organizations for nurturing children’s holistic development in areas like morals education, music, and the arts.

Honors and awards

To commend Dr. Luk’s contributions in the field of education, the Hong Kong government and many organizations both local and abroad have given her many awards.

2014 “Leader of the Year 2013 (Education/Research)”, awarded by Sing Tao News Corporation
2011 Recipient of the 15th Soong Ching Ling Camphor Tree Award
2007 International Visiting Scholar' – Wheelock College, Boston, USA
2006 Meritorious Award by China Children and Teenagers Fund
2006 Soong Ching Ling Preschool Education Award
2004 The Contribution Award for Providing Quality Early Childhood Education by China Welfare Institute
2004 Special Honorable Prize from the Asia Christian Kindergarten Teachers Association
2004 Recipient of the HKSAR Bronze Bauhinia Star (B.B.S.)
2004 Recipient of the 4th China Naito International Childhood Education Award
2001 First recipient of the Hong Kong Institute of Education's Outstanding Educator Award
1999 Hong Kong SGI Award by Soka Gakkai International
1996 Recipient of the Queen's Medal of Honour
1991 Recipient of the Zonta Achievement Award for Excellence in Child Education, awarded by the Zonta Club of Hong Kong
1990 “The Big Eye”, one of the twelve books honoured as “Hong Kong's Best Children Books” of the 80s by Radio Television Hong Kong, the Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Children's Arts Society
1988 Hong Kong SGI Award by Soka Gakkai International
1983 Picture Storybooks Series awarded the 1982 “Best Publication” and “Best Children's Book” by the Hong Kong Urban Council

Academic Activities

Dr. Luk is very active in promoting academic exchanges. In 1966, she represented Hong Kong and attended in Tokyo the first international education conference for Asian Christian Kindergarten Teachers Association, sharing her experience in preschool education with other Christian preschool educators in Asia. At the conference, she encouraged other representatives to set up local associations for Christian kindergarten teachers and promote further development of preschool education.
In 1967, she founded the “Hong Kong Association of Kindergarten Teachers” and stayed as chairperson for 25 years. During this period, she regularly led other educators to attend international conferences, research meetings and workshops, with the goal of sharing, learning and exchanging preschool education experiences with educators from different countries.
In 1996, Dr. Luk was appointed the Senior Advisor in preschool education by the China Welfare Institute and Soong Ching Ling Foundation in Shanghai. Academic conferences were held once every two years, with 7 held so far. Experts from different specialties gave talks, and attended demos on quality preschool education. This created opportunities in exchange and co-operation on the scholarship and practice of preschool education.
Dr. Luk is often invited by the preschool education committees in different Chinese mainland provinces, Taiwan and Macau to give lectures, as guest speaker in lectures on preschool education theory and practice, and also shares her insights on characteristics and concepts in preschool education from various cultures.
In Hong Kong, Dr. Luk has been invited to numerous talks and academic exchanges. From 2005 to 2007, she was the guest speaker for the program “Children’s World – Storytelling by Famous People” in the annual Hong Kong Book Fair.

“An Outstanding Educator”

Voiced by a group of leaders and educators in preschool education

In 2001, Dr. Luk became the first recipient of the Hong Kong Institute of Education’s Outstanding Educator Award. Many preschool educators were exhilarated that Dr. Luk received this award, and were honored to work under her leadership. She has fostered the development of preschool education, painting a bright future for many children. We all offered our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Luk for receiving this honor.

Her dedication and contributions to preschool education has deeply moved and earned the respect of many. She loves children and her career in preschool education. She has put in meticulous efforts to edit education materials and curricula for children, write picture storybooks and rhymes for children. She also did her utmost in training teachers, offering guidance and support in teaching methods and life skills.

Dr. Luk is tireless and full of enthusiasm for her work. A lifelong learner, she keeps up with the times and puts into practice the best educational concepts! Her achievement, acknowledged by society, is the result of her hard work. We are all very proud of her contributions in preschool education.

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