Inspire Love

During early childhood years, we emphasize on inspiring love as the foundation of conduct and relationships. We help children to cultivate a positive, optimistic, confident , and a caring personality in a happy environment. Eventually, children can possess quality characteristics: love, thankfulness, respect, obedience, friendliness, caring, sharing, confidence, assurance, have the courage to take responsibility, and admit mistakes upon occurrence. We also place a high priority on encouraging children to cultivate good habits, for example: Cleanliness and tidiness, self-help, politeness, give way to others and follow the order so as to facilitate a healthy development of children’s physical, psychological, social aspects. These are the main factors for executing conduct education.

Inspire Thinking

Through activity-based learning, children are stimulated to develop their ‘attentiveness’, ‘seriousness’, ‘memory’, ‘self-paced’, ‘exploration’, ‘thinking’, ‘comprehension’, ‘judgement’, ‘organization’, ‘creativity’ abilities which are beneficial to children’s acquiring new knowledge, encourage self-motivation in learning, self-disciplined, cooperate with others easily, endurance and other high quality social attitudes which will encourage the healthy development of children.

Inspire Potential

According to Dr Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory, he articulated on the eight areas of human intelligence: verbal-linguistic, music-rhythmic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. Dr Angela Chiu has adopted the theory of multiple intelligences marrying with years of practical experience, she developed age and development-appropriate curriculum for children at Wisely. Dr Chiu designed the teaching content, teaching materials and pedagogy. As a result, children receive quality teaching support to explore their various intelligences. Their unique potential can also be developed.

Inspire Creativity

By stimulating children’s creativity, we are elevating their learning interests, nurturing self-learning ability and displaying individual potential. At Wisely, we are indeed emphasizing on developing children’s creativity. We design a ‘Creative room’ or ‘Creative corner’ to allow our children to further develop their creative artwork and display them. We encourage children to appreciate each other’s artwork and accept others’ work. By appreciating children’s creative artwork, teachers and parents can explore children’s world and understand their unique potential which will facilitate the development of the younger generation.

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