The young child is like a young shoot. We need to nurture with care.

This is not an overstatement. In fact, one must take extra care when nurturing young children. Children have both physical and spiritual needs. It’s not easy to satisfy a young child’s physical needs; but it would take even more effort to satisfy the child’s spiritual needs.

How do we satisfy the physical and spiritual needs of young children?

It is hard. But you can also say it is easy. It is hard because many areas are involved. But it is also easy because to do well in every area requires only one concept. And that concept is “love”.

Over my 40 years of work in preschool education, I have loved teaching. But gradually I have come to realize that it is not sufficient to just love teaching and guiding children.

My experiences in different roles over the years have made me realize that young children need more. Being empowered with better understanding of preschoolers, I am prepared to do more.

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